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  • Commercial and corporate gaffer/grip/shooter.
  • Based in Durham, NC.  
  • Work throughout NC, east coast, and the world.
  • 25 years professional experience.
  • Owns an extensive 3 ton G&E truck package.
  • Owns a new 2 ton G&E truck package.
  • Easy access to other 1-ton to 5-ton packages.
  • Extensive corporate, commercial, political, broadcast, and feature experience as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd both electric and grip.
  • Broad corporate, art, and non-profit shooting experience.
  • Rate sheet and résumé on request.
Contact Me 
(919) 423-6733
Contact me for a rate sheet.
Rental Terms
Contact me for a rental agreement.
Insurance Requirements
Contact me for insurance requirements.
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